Cornell student develops clothing that traps toxic gas and disgusting odors


The gas mask is often a large cumbersome device that is just annoying to use. That will be a thing of the past if researchers at Cornell University have their say. They are developing gas mask technology that will make the masks as thin as clothing. Why? Because it will be clothing.

Senior apparel-design student Jennifer Keane worked with the school’s Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory to create a fabric hood and mask that selectively traps noxious fumes and odors. The whole thing was actually funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, so you know its legit.

The tech uses clustered crystalline compounds known as metal organic framework (MOF) molecules to form nano-size “cages” for the offending gases. What does all of this mean? Well, one day all of our clothes could resist toxic gases and, more importantly when it comes to living with my roommates, disgusting odors. Until then, shower guys. Please?