Cookoo smartwatch now available for purchase


Let the reign of the smartwatch begin! One of the first, and most anticipated, smartwatches is now available for actual purchase. Like really. You can order it online right now and it will be delivered to your home by a smiling delivery person. There is no longer a need for a convoluted Kickstarter account or anything like that.

Just what watch are we referring to? The Cookoo, of course. We first wrote about this marvelous concoction last May, when the product was still seeking funding. Guess what? It secured said funding and then some and now its available all across this wide land of ours. What’s the hook in regard to the Cookoo? It’s developed by former Microsoft product developer Peter Hauser. The Cookoo is a beautifully elegant, and analog, design that stays in constant contact with your iPhone. You’ll never miss a call,  Facebook message, text or anything else ever again. The phone will gently notify you when something is going on in your digital life. This works even if your phone is some distance away. The whole thing works via Bluetooth and, don’t worry, the Cookoo works using a standard watch battery so it can stayed charged for a year or more.

The watch is also extremely easy to develop apps for, so stay tuned for even more innovative ways you can interact with the slab of pretty plastic that will soon be draped around your wrist. You can snag yourself one now for around $140 by clicking this link. They come in five different colors.  Check out a detailed unboxing below.