Control Your Dreams With the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask


For those interested in controlling their dreams, the Remee mask is one option that could make lucid dreaming possible. The Remee, touted as an REM enhancing lucid dreaming mask, has been designed to help sleepers achieve a lucid dream state which is the state most often used to control dreams. The mask’s developers enjoyed a rather successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign and gathered more than 16 times their initial fundraising goal of $35,000. This is likely due to the fact that the subject of lucid dreaming is very popular among many different crowds, from those who desire a better understanding of themselves, to those who simply want to be able to have fun with their dreams.


What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is, simply put, the idea that a person has the innate ability to control and interact with their dreams. This idea is so popular, in fact, that you can not walk into any book store, metaphysical shop or library without seeing a number of books on the subject. The thought that we can control our dreams and do whatever we wanted is a fantastic one. The ability to dictate what happens in our dreams can not only be a great way to work through some of life’s problems and confusions, but can also be the perfect opportunity to experience new things and situations.

The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Remee-REM-Enhancing-Eye-MaskThere are, according to proponents of the theory of lucid dreaming, many benefits to this supposed ability. For instance, some scientists claim that they have been able to use lucid dreaming to improve their skills in solving problems. In fact, you would likely be surprised to learn that the invention of the sewing machine was inspired by one of Elias Howe’s dreams. And Otto Loewi developed an experiment on nerve impulses after having a lucid dream, according to popular claims.

But lucid dreaming can also improve other areas of your life as well. How about being able to face your fear and overcome things in life that frighten you? That would be a great use of your dreams, wouldn’t it? Well that’s just what lucid dreaming experts claim you can accomplish if you master this ability, one that, supposedly, we all have and just don’t know how to use.

How the Remee Mask Helps Achieve This Dream State

The developers of the Remee mask state that, because we are used to dreaming in a very specific way for our entire lives, so it must be taught to dream in another way in order to achieve a lucid dreaming state. They claim that the Remee mask helps to achieve this state by introducing recognizable input and stimuli into your dreams by producing a pattern of lights. While you are dreaming, according to the developers, you will be able to instantly realize that you are inside a dream when you see the lights. And of course, once you realize that you are dreaming, you will then be able to control the dream.

How the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask Works

Q04V8The Remee lucid dreaming mask was developed as a way to alert the dreamer that they are, in fact, in a sleep state. This state, commonly referred to as REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is one of two main patterns of sleep that everyone experiences. While sleeping, the body cycles through REM and non-REM sleep patterns. The REM sleep, of course, is when the body dreams. The non-REM sleep is when the body relaxes and rests. The mask targets the REM sleep by waiting an initial 4 or 5 hours to ensure that the sleeper is actually asleep, then begins to display periodic patterns of red light that last only a few seconds, and repeat after a short delay. The idea is that, when you are in non-REM sleep, you will unlikely notice the lights. While dreaming, however, the light pattern is supposed to bleed into your dreams, offering the opportunity for you to become lucid.