CONSTRVCT system lets you design whatever shirts and dresses you want


CONSTRVCT diy dress 1
Since the dawn of fashion time, buying clothes has not been a particularly adjustable affair. We have to choose from the garments hanging on the rack, be they physical or digital. Sometimes the supply on offer doesn’t suit our fancy. Sometimes the stuff we want doesn’t fit right. And sometimes we just want to wear something fantastical and ridiculous(Sometimes we watch too much Punky Brewster.) What do we do? Most of us couldn’t even turn on a sewing machine on much less make it do our textile bidding.

Continuum Fashion, an interactive fashion firm headed up by Jenna Fizel and Mary Huang, is putting the finishing touches on their CONSTRVCT system. What’s the big deal? This online platform allows virtually anyone to create their own Ts and dresses. In three simple steps, you can fashion a unique made-to-order design. Just select the garment style, upload an image, and adjust the image alignment for the front and back. Voila. You are done. If this process sounds more addictive than the first time you played Angry Birds, that’s because it is. A custom shirt will set you back $95 while the dress will cost just under $200. It must be noted that these garments are made of high quality fabric and the functionality does a lot more than simply paste your design on a pre-existing workup.

The company is raising funds to complete the project on the ultimate wearable technology mega-center, Kickstarter. They are on a good clip to reach their funding so it won’t be long before you too can wear a couture dress that features Garfield slurping down a plate of lasagna. Maybe that’s just us.