Concept design: TeamAwear


teamawear.jpgTeamAwear is a very interesting research project of Mitchell Page, a student at The University of Sydney.Mitchell developed the Team Sports Awareness Wearable Display or TeamAwear as he calls it to ‘actively enhance the awareness and understanding of a team sport for its stakeholders, including athletes, referees, coaches and spectators, without negatively disturbing its game-play.’

He used basketball as the target sport and created Jerseys equipped with a small microprocessor that controls the display and the wireless interaction between a multiple of jerseys.

The ‘jersey communication’ is done in realtime and can so visualize certain events during the game such as the amount of individual fouls, points, scores and time alerts.

The display technology used is based on EL-Foil stripes, a technology and usage of it not really new as shown in the commercially available T-Qualizer shirt.

Nevertheless, a good idea on how to use this technology in a different environment. the final case study evaluation has demonstrated the system performance and usefulness during typical basketball situations.