Computex Trade Fair Shows off Wearable Tech


Convention Center
It is no shock to anyone in the USA or Europe that we are the first ones to get our hands on new technology. As a matter of fact for most consumer devices we are likely to be getting things a lot later than consumers in Asia. That is why if you want to know what is up and coming in high tech you should look to trade shows in those nations. They are previewing the newest of the new. Wearable tech is no exception, and new things were being show off at the Computex trade fair. The Computex trade fair is held annually each year in Taipei.

Companies that currently work in fields such as GPS and mobile devices were either showing off, or talking about future products, in the mobile tech arena. Things being shown off, or talked about, included everything from the expected smart watches to the devices for on the go golf players and other target consumer groups.

Source: Daily Star
Image: Morgue File