CommBadge wearable personal communicator lets you go where no one has gone before


The race for scientists and inventors to replicate the technology seen in Star Trek in the real world has been on for quite some time now. However, these scientists and inventors have a long way to go when it comes to outlandish tech such as the Holodeck or having a guy named Scotty beam you from point A to point B. Some of the tech showcased in Gene Roddenberry’s classic space opera has already been surpassed by modern man. One? The Internet has it all over the ship’s computer. Two? Smartphones have pretty much caught up with the way Picard, Kirk and company communicate with one another.

So file this invention in the category of “why did it take so long?” A company called CommBadge has released the, well, CommBadge. This little doodad straps to your shirt and works almost exactly like the badges on Star Trek work. This wearable personal communicator interacts with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, letting you take your calls directly to the device. You press on it to make calls, answer calls or to ask Siri or Google questions. The phone can remain in your pocket safe and unaffected by the elements.

Sound cool to you? Pre-orders are available now via Indiegogo. One unit will set you back between $80-$90, depending on your bells and whistles. This may not seem like a lot of cash for something so neat, but remember, the Galactic Federation of Planets doesn’t even use money. Check a video of the communicator in motion below.