Columbia Omni Freeze Ice Tech will keep you cool


Oh Columbia and their heated jackets and other doodads. Wait, the company does cooling too? You bet your chill butt they do. Their new line Ice Tech clothing is shooting to keep you cool as the sun beats down on you. Think of these items as your own personal AC unit.

These frocks work because they are made of flat fibers that bring 35 percent more surface area in contact with your skin than traditional round yarns. The more of the yarn that touches your skin, the cooler you’ll feel. Let’s stare in awe at the wonder of science.

The only downside is these items won’t last forever. The company says they’ll only keep you cool 50-70 trips through the washing machine. Still, unless you are the world’s messiest eater, that’s still a pretty long time. Look for the line to go on sale worldwide next year.