Coldplay wows Glastonbury with wearable tech giveaway


Rock band Coldplay created a sea of light during their set at this year’s Glastonbury; all thanks to wearable technology.

Over 100,000 “xylobands” were given out to the audience prior to the show. The lights inside the wristband are controlled by a software program, which sends signals to the wristband, instructing it to light up in sync with the bands music, so creating a field of light.

The wristbands  are constructed of a thick fabric with LEDs inside the fabric. A radio receiver is located within a plastic case on the band, and it receives wireless signals from a controller. These signals are sent either by a handheld TV remote styled controller, which has a range of 250 meters, or a controller which is hosted on a laptop computer linked to a radio transmitter, which can remotely control the bands from up to 900 meters away. Coldplay have used the Xyloband technology for over 4 years, as wearable technology becomes an integral part of their, and many other groups performances.