Cold Shoulder Vest Claims to Help You Burn Tons of Calories


Losing weight isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. You have to exercise, or whatever passes for exercises in our world. Also, even harder, you have to do this thing called ‘eating less.’ This sounds easy on paper but, as you all know, staring down a fat burrito and exercising restraint is tougher than not eating an entire burrito in one sitting (along with chips and salsa.) So, yeah, since the beginning of time, snake oil salesmen have promised easy and fail-safe ways to lose weight without exercise or exercising restraint. Here is another one, only this one has some actual wearable technology pedigree behind it.

Introducing the Cold Shoulder vest, which doesn’t use coolants to make your shoulders cold. Rather, it’s a vest that uses coolants to make your shoulders cold and burn calories. Yeah, that’s right. It works using the notion that when you are freezing your butt off, you naturally burn more calories. This is actually true, because your body is clinging on for dear life. That must be a fun way to spend 24/7. Cold-exposure weight loss is a proven technique so, yeah, it may actually work. Of course, it would depend on you wearing it pretty much all of the time and, well, vests aren’t always an appropriate fashion choice.

Cold Shoulder is now on Kickstarter raising finishing funds. You can pre-order your own vest for around $150, give or take, depending on when you plunk down your cash. Hey, when you aren’t wearing it you can always use it to keep beers cold or something. Maybe they’ll magically become light beers.