Codoon Smartband is Virtually a Clone of Jawbone’s Up



Summer is almost here. You know what that means. It’s almost time to hang out at the beach, or in a backyard, in less clothes than you usually wear. That means you have approximately six weeks to get in fighting shape. Of course, sitting on your computer and reading blogs won’t help you do that(as much as we like having you here.) No, you are gonna need to dip your toes, or wrists, into the light wading pool of wearable technology. There are lots of vitality trackers on the market that exist to help you get in shape in the easiest and most tech-friendly way possible. Why, here is another one right now.

Introducing the Codoon Smartband, created by Chinese company Codoon along with some help from tech giant Baidu. This armband/vitals tracker is, piece for piece, almost a carbon copy of Jawbone’s famous Up armband. This means you wear it by simply bending the strap around your wrist and after your workout you plug it into your Android or iOS device via a hidden headphone jack. Then an associated app reads back to you all of the information on what you’ve been up to that day. Also, just like the Up, it will not feed for potato chips upon asking. Believe me, we’ve tried.

It hasn’t showed up on store shelves yet, but is expected to sometime in June(just in time for summer.) The price has yet to be announced so if you just need to have a vitals tracker that bends around your wrist right at this moment, you should probably go with Jawbone’s product. Hey, you can burn a lot of calories in six weeks. You can also eat a whole lot of pizzas.