Clothes That Change Color and Shape


Fairytale Fashion 1
Blending clothing and technology is an idea that is beginning to take off, especially when it comes to clothes that can light up and display different colors. One designer, Diana Eng, of Fairytale Fashion is taking this to a new level, and designing fashion that is inspired straight from her dreams and from nature. Fairytale Fashion is exactly what it sounds like – fashion that tells a story.

Diana Eng, the designer behind Fairytale Fashion says that the items in the line of clothing are inspired from her daydreams. They are aimed at telling a story. Taking up to two years to design, the line of clothing can do things ranging from changing color, to changing design, to even changing shape.

Many of the clothes in the series are embedded with LEDs and electroluminescent wires. This allows the clothing to be able to change color, light up, and even sparkle. An example of this is the “Twinkle Dress” that lights up when it detects sound.

Some of the clothes can also change shape through having inflatable parts. This is a very interesting idea, and one that could spur on a number of new innovations specifically aimed at making clothes change shape to suit different figures and outfits.