Clothes hangars use activated charcoal to keep your frocks fresh and clean


You know what sucks? Doing laundry. If you have a washer and dryer at home, it is just an annoying and expensive waiting game. If, however, you live in a big city you are forced to undergo the walk of shame to your local laundromat where you will waste an entire day sitting in a depressing room looking at repeats of Seinfeld at a television hanging from the ceiling. Neither option is ideal, but it’s not like you can keep wearing your clothes over and over without washing them. That’s just crazy, and lazy, talk.

You won’t be spending half of your time at the dreaded laundromat if a design student named Lisa Bengtsson has anything to say about it. She has developed a set of clothes hangars that uses activated charcoal to help keep your clothes so fresh and so clean for longer of periods of time, even after being worn. This is a great innovation not only for your sanity, but also for the earth. You see, doing laundry is a major factor in increasing one’s carbon footprint. Green forever ya’ll!

Each “Bye Bye Laundry” hanger consists of a refillable glass chamber perched on top of a wooden filter, along with a ring from which clothes can be hung. Granules of activated charcoal in the chamber suck in odors in their vicinity. This process can take a few days but the end result is more than worth it. They are not yet available for sale but we’ll let you know when they are. For now you’ll have to keep on making that walk of shame. Buck up camper! It won’t be too much longer.