Closca is a Foldable Bicycle Helmet Which Makes For Easy Storage


Biking can be great fun, not to mention a convenient way to get from point A to point B. The only downside? Flat tires, the occasional grizzly bear chase and, of course, accidents. You see, unlike driving in a car, you are pretty much out there alone in the world when you are riding a bike. The human body is about as fragile as a bowl of jello so any help we can get we can and should take. As such, it is a must to wear a helmet while riding. However, helmets are big, bulky and can be annoying. That’s where wearable technology comes in. Introducing the next generation of bicycle helmet.

The Closca bicycle helmet is completely foldable, while still retaining the same protection as its rounder and bulkier cousin. It is designed to fit snugly in backpacks, tote bags and anything else you carry around with you. It folds into something that resembles a book and still protects your ever-precious noggin from the pavement(not to mention bird poop.) Even cooler? These helmets are stylish, coming in an array of colors and designs. Form and function in one foldable package? It’s like the McDLT only awesome(just kidding, the McDLT totally was awesome.)

The Closca isn’t out at stores yet, however. They have created a, you guessed it, Kickstarter to help finish funding. If you help them out, and become an early adopter, you’ll be able to snag yours at discounted price of around $70. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering regular, non-foldable bike helmets can cost in upwards of twice that much.