Climbax Wristband Will Turn You Into an Ace Mountain Climber


Do you consider yourself a crazy person? Do you regularly stare at death in the face and give a hearty chuckle? In other words, do you make a habit out of mountain or wall climbing? This extreme sport is not only difficult as all heck(I can barely do one pull up) but also quite dangerous. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but mountains tend to go up pretty high. Maybe because of these facts there aren’t too many gadgets in the world of wearable tech that are exclusively designed for the climbers out there. Well, now there is one. You should still take up knitting though.

Introducing the Climbax, the smart wristband that is sort of like the Pebble smartwatch for the climbing set. What does it do? Well, first of all, it hires you a therapist(just kidding.) Actually, it uses two lightweight bands containing movement sensors that are worn on the wrists that collect data about your climbing. Then, algorithms are used to detect climbing rates and individual moves. It also tracks all sorts of other stats about your performance. In other words, it slowly but surely turns you into a better climber. This is a good thing, being as bad climbers tend to end up as vulture food on the bottom of some gorge somewhere.

The Climbax wristband isn’t out yet nor has the company even secured final funding. To that end they’ve scaled up the big Kickstarter mountain in order to grab more monies. You can become an early adopter of this nifty lil gadget for around $194. Also, did I mention you should take up knitting?