Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch mixes high fashion with Bluetooth


citizen eco-drive proximity watch 1
The world of Bluetooth-enabled watches may be varied, offering up a myriad of uses. You know what that world isn’t, though? Classically beautiful. This new wave of smartwatch may be easy on the eye if you are, say, 22 but they don’t have much to offer by way of essential aesthetics. In short, they all look like a watch designed by Instagram. If you are a classy gent or madam you will soon be able to rectify this problem. At the very least you’ll be able to get into the country club again.

Introducing Citizen and their Eco-Drive Proximity watch. This beautifully designed puppy finally mixes high fashion with Bluetooth functionality. It can connect to your iPhone(or any device with Bluetooth 4 capabilities) to obtain information on missed calls, text messages and more. This all happens within the confines of the elegant watch hands, thus no flashing lights or anything obtrusive like that. You’ll never miss an important piece of info again. You’ll also look great while doing it! Heck, it even has a “find phone” function if you are the kind of person who slings back a few after the country club and then haphazardly drops your smartphone in the cup of the 17th hole.

All of this fashion-mindedness comes with a fairly steep price tag, though. Just how bad is it? The Eco-Drive Proximity will set you back around $550. In better news, that’s only around five or six rounds of golf. And rounds of golf, by their very nature, are not Bluetooth capable. The major sports really have got to work on that.

citizen eco-drive proximity watch 1