Citi Bike Helmet Directs NYC Bikers to Nearest Docking Station


Ah, all alone on the open road. The wind at your back. Your two wheels on the sidewalk. Oh yeah. I am referring to riding a bicycle in that romantic opening sentence, and not cruising around in one of those newfangled automobiles. Bike riding is the perfect opportunity to sport some snazzy wearable technology and, lo and behold, here is something new and quite snazzy.

First off, a quick primer on NYC’s Citi Bike program. All throughout the city there are docks filled to the brim with ridable bicycles that can be rented by the hour. You simply walk up to one of these stations, pick a bike and off you go. It’s a good system for a city that absolutely needed to be more bike friendly and, hey, it prevents city dwellers from having to haul big heavy bicycles up a three floor walk up. This idea is already common place throughout Europe and our socialist neighbors to the north, Canada(jk.)

Now, thanks to a team of feisty hackers, there’s the Citi Bike Helmet. This helmet uses the magics of GPS and LED to direct riders to their closest docking station, so they can get rid of their two wheeler and get on with their lives. It also adds quite a bit of safety to the riding experience, with a bright green series of lights alerting nearby cars to the presence of one of those tree hugging bike riders.

This helmet can be created on your own. Check out the handy video below for directions on how to do it. Now you can have your cake bike and eat ride it too.