Chronolien concept dress will redefine your notion of time


Everyone always says space is the final frontier, but what about that oft-overlooked dimension, time? It certainly is our final frontier, after all. Wait, didn’t meant to get all dark and existential on you. Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care? If only fashion helped create this sense of time’s onward march, it’s sense of creeping dread and loneliness. Wait, now it can? Yikes. Hold on to your watches, now it can.

Chronolien is a snazzy piece of wearable tech created by Mui Rui Yi, as part of her final year project for her degree in Interactive Art at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. It seeks to answer the question “How would time behave in the 21st century?” As such, get ready for all sorts of existential glimpses into our favorite dimension. The whole thing acts as a commentary of time, actually. Here’s how it works. This necklace-belt combo are attached via an electronic spine, which powers the spherical necklace-parts when a button is pushed on the hip. The scales release in real time, thus causing heavy pondering and a lot of uses of the phrase “hmm.”

It’s created to emulate the idea of rapid plant movement, such as a venus fly trap or a sudden blooming of a flower. Time isn’t just for us humanoids, after all. We gotta share the dimension with everything else in the universe. Sharing is such a drag, almost as much as the passage of time! This is of course only a concept design, but still it’s a pretty cool one. Here is a video of the doodad in action.