Chinavasion wristwatch phone has GPS so you keep track of your kids


It’s 3 AM, do you know where your children are? Not knowing the location of your precocious little rugrats is one of the great hardships of parenting. You are one of two people on this earth tasked with protecting them, and there is a lot of weird stuff out there. So how do you get an edge up? How can you be sure you are keeping an eye out for your kids? It’s a big world, after all. It’s enough to drive a mom or dad crazy!

Well, chill out and slap a location monitoring watch on that kid’s arm. Chinavasion has invented a rather cool wristwatch that not only doubles as a mobile phone but also includes embedded GPS technology so you always know where your kid is rummaging around at. But you want to make sure your grounded teenager stays at home? The quad band GSM phone can be programmed to send an SMS message if it strays outside a predefined geographic area. It can even be tethered to your cellphone, which will emit a piercing alarm if they wander too far away. Now that’s parenting with power!

Also, the watch can literally be spoken into so you can hear the lovingly prepared excuses your child has prepared as to why they left the house while grounded. From the mouth of babes. The only downside? Well it’s rather clunky so perhaps better suited for boys than girls. Unless something big has changed in fashion since we were in grade school. Kids still wear parachute pants, right?

It’s available now for just $80. Think of it as a useful pair of handcuffs for your son or daughter. Check a school-skipping video and more images below.