ChemiON Glasses Let You Wear Your Emotions On Your Face


A wise collective of man once said “heaven let your light shine down.” Now, some people may interpret those award-winning lyrics as being about overt spirituality, but I like to think of them describing one’s inner light. We all have one, as Captain Picard so illustriously proved to us. However, how do we let it shine down? Do we, uh, have to meditate or something? No way, you new age silly goose! Just let the magic of wearable technology wash over you like how Collective Soul washed over the pop charts in the 1990s. In other words, here is an eyewear device that lets you show your creativity to the world at large (yikes.)

It’s called ChemiON, and these sunglasses looking gadget thingies can be programmed to do any number of things, from showing an equalizer of the music you are listening to or cheering on your very favorite footy ball team. You can also program in animations to let the world know you are a somewhat capable animator. You don’t have to animate right there on the glasses either. This being 2014, ChemiON connects to your smartphone, tablet or other affiliated device (probably just those two.) It connects via Bluetooth and shows off your creations using the magic of LED lighting.

The ChemiON pseudo-glasses are yet to be available in stores but you can pre-order your very own pair by hitting up their Indiegogo site. How much will all of this creative spiritedness set you back? Oh, around $100 a pair. What are you waiting for Picasso?