Chaval Response XRT heated gloves will be your hands’ best friends during winter


chaval response xrt 1
Winter is nearly upon us. Prep the snowmen, the hot cocoa and the long treks through the snow with your trusty pup. It truly is a magical time. It’s also a really, really cold time(no matter what Al Gore says.) It is imperative for those of us living in wintry climes to keep our extremities warm. Sure, a nice thick jacket or coat can help with our core, but what about fingers? We don’t want to lose any to frostbite! That’s where heated gloves come in.

Chaval has just released a new, snazzy pair of heated gloves called the XRT. These gloves are internally set with a thin polymer film, which in turn gets the heat from an AC adapter which can be used to charge them. It’s like double the heating power! It’s controlled via a quick button push near the bottom of the gloves which, once activates, heats up your hands almost instantaneously. The gloves have no thermostat but they are packed of internal sensors that monitor your hand’s temperature so as to not overheat. The polymer film makes sure the heat is distributed evenly so you can be sure your thumb will never be left in the cold again. You need it to hitchhike, after all.

The XRT gloves are available right now. They will set you back around $390, which is absolutely on the expensive side. These are designed for people who are out in the cold all day and who having warm and functioning hands is a high priority. All of you winter-time hobbyists out there need not apply.