Charming Bird Watch – A Tiny Robot On Your Wrist



While the world of technology seems to be occupied with smart watch rumors, we often forget about more traditional pieces of technology, such as the “normal” watch. Well one company has taken that “normal” watch to the next level by adding a tiny automaton bird to it.

The watch, which is mechanical, was first introduced at the Baselword Fair in Switzerland, and it was introduced in order to commemorate watchmaking company Jaquet Droz turning 275. The man who founded the company, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, was actually one of the most advanced automaton creators of the 18th century, and he is known for creating some extremely advanced humanoid automatons for the time.

The watch is the first watch ever made with an automaton that’s a singing bird, and is a fitting tribute to the master of automatons. It’s also part four of a series of steps that the Swiss watch company is making towards a revival of 18th century miniature painting, engraving, sculpture and automata.

The watch features a 47mm 18-carat white gold case, as well as a 29-jewel Jaquet Droz 610 movement, allowing the watch to run for 40 hours each time it is rewound.

The singing of the watch comes from a piston-driven bellows, and the bird not only sings, but it also dances and opens and closes its eyes and can flap its wings.

Furthermore, the watch features an alligator leather strap and a 18-carat white gold clasp for said strap.

While the watch is certainly a beautiful piece, and a great tribute to the legendary Pierre Jaquet Droz, it certainly is not a cheap watch, running at $500,000. Not only is it expensive, but only 28 watches of this model will ever be made, so if you happen to have a spare $500K, you had better be quick to purchase the watch!