Charlie Bucket Fluid Dress lights up when you wear it


We all love dresses that light up. You know it. I know it. Charlie Bucket knows it. That’s why the famous designer has concocted the Fluid Dress. This dress is composed of more than 600 feet of tube lighting, make it the brightest dress on the runway, driveway or wherever it is you’d wear this thing.

The oddest design choice comes with the power source. It takes a lot of power to keep 600 feet of knitted tubing lit up, so you have to literally wear the power source. This comes in the form of a backpack, which can be seen standing behind the dress. Just be sure not to cross the streams, though.

In all seriousness though, this thing is knit beautifully and would make the right gal(Or crossdresser, no hatin’) very happy. Not so sure about the backpack though. Right now there is only one in existence but look for more shortly.