Changing Technology – How Google Glass Will Impact Our Lives And Technology As We Know It



Often new technologies cop a lot of flac from people who think they know better. It’s easy to simply look at the surface, and only see why a new device is going to be bad for society, or worthless. Google Glass is one of these devices. A lot of people have come out with reasons why Google Glass is worthless in todays society and why it will never catch on. One example of this is Tim Cook at the D11 conference last month, who stated that Google Glass would never catch on. Maybe he’s right, but here’s a number of reasons why we think it might catch on, and even if it doesn’t it will have a huge impact on technology as we know it.

Google Glass might catch on is because it has a huge impact on the lives of the people wearing it. People have a habit of taking out their phones to check if they have any new notifications. Google  Glass completely changes this. Google Glass allows for people to concentrate on heir daily lives, and be notified if they’ve received a notification by Google Glass. Really the only excuse people have to check their phone is because they’re doing it out of habit. Of course, Google Glass isn’t the only notification device on the market. Just a couple days ago we introduced you to the Embrace+ wristband that gives off different colors for different notifications. If fact, there’s even a pair of glasses which is dedicated to notifications, called the NanoGlass. But there’s a reason Google Glass is better than all of these notification devices, and that is because Google Glass doesn’t only tell you that you have a notification, or even what type of notification it is, but Google Glass displays all the details of your notification. Google Glass won’t just tell you that you’re getting a call, it will also tell you who’s calling you, and even allow you to take the call using Glass by a simple voice command. You won’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket when you receive calls.

Until Google Glass came out, people tried to get all their devices in one with their smartphone. Back in the day, people had a different device for their camera, music player, and of course, their phone. Fast foreword to today, and you can have all these in one device. Only problem is that all that technology packed in to one thing can sometimes get a little bulky, and if you lose it then you’ve lost your phone, camera, and mp3 player all in one. Well Google Glass probably won’t fix these things, but it will fix one of the main problems with having all your devices in one. Once again, Google Glass means that you don’t have to take your phone out because you want to take a photo, text, make a call, or listen to music. Once again, Google Glass is simply convenient. It allows you to focus on the more important things. And, its simply stunning that Google has managed to pack all this technolog into one device that big.

Another interesting thing to note when we think about the impact of Google Glass is the impact it will have on the advertising market. Put simply, Google Glass could bring internet advertising to the world around us. It could allow for marketing companies to target users based on their history, and do this through physical advertisements shown through Google Glass. Sure, this could be a while away, but it doesn’t change the fact. Virtual reality seems to be the way of the future, and as of yet, advertising companies have yet to take advantage of this on a large scale. Perhaps Google Glass will change this.

Google Glass won’t only change the way people interact with technology. It will also change technology itself. Before Google Glass, there were a number of devices that doubled as eyewear, but these devices were always for professionals in particular fields. Never were they for consumers, and if they were, they weren’t successful. Google Glass changes this. Google has managed to develop a piece of technology that is not only extremely convenient, but they’ve also managed to develop a piece of technology that has potential to be extremely successful. And the thing is, even if it isn’t successful, it has opened people’s minds to wearable technology a little more. Technology companies should take advantage of this change in the way technology is headed.

Google Glass isn’t just a device that could help the average consumer. It’s also a device that could be indispensable for the businessman. One prediction is that just as Bluetooth headsets have generally been regarded as a device for the businessman, Google Glass could do the same. The reason is that it’s potential in productivity is huge, especially as speech recognition software gets better and better. Just as smartphones allowed businesspeople to keep in touch with distant contacts, Google Glass will continue this trend, and take it one step further. Also, as speech recognition gets better, the potential is there for a businessperson to be able to simply say what they want to happen, and Google Glass will make it happen. Just as typing is generally faster than writing, talking is faster still.

Google Glass very much boosted the credibility of wearable technology. Sure, a number of wearable devices have been coming out for the past few years, but it was rare to see these out in the streets, barre of course the watch. Now, people are much more open to wearable technology. Google is at the forefront of this wearable technology revolution. Along with the smartwatch industry, the eyewear technology industry is just about to take off. And we can thank Google for being a big part in this.

Maybe Google Glass was simply a stepping stone onto something much bigger, but it sure isn’t one that should go unnoticed. Even if Google Glass ends up not being successful for the average consumer at all, we can be sure that it will be a necessary step towards something that will. Google Glass is expected to skyrocket in popularity over the next couple of years. In fact the wearable technology market in general is expected to skyrocket. With Google at the forefront of this, with the release of Google Glass to the general public in the next year, we can be assured that we will start to see more and more wearable devices being used.