CES 2015 – Razer Goes Crazy For VR With These Open Source Goggles


Everybody’s favorite thingamajig maker Razer has really been all over the place this CES 2015. We already dropped some coverage to their forthcoming Nabu X fitness band, but that isn’t where they stopped. You see, the company always teases something pretty crazy each year at CES, usually with mysterious codenames like ‘Project Fiona’ and ‘Project Christine.’ This year, however, they have dropped their obsession with ladies names and just announced an extremely tech-heavy pair of VR goggles and nary a Christine or Fiona in sight.

They are calling it the distinctly asexual OSVR, that is unless OS stands for ‘Ophelia Rose.’ You can take one look at these and see they aren’t too far from something like the Oculus Rift. The OSVR is a snazzy looking pair of VR goggles, with some key differences. For one, these goggles are completely open source.  That means any company, or person, who wants to make something for the goggles can do that with no corporate interference. Yes! The wild west feel of the early Internet will finally be available in virtual reality. I call a VR version of Minesweeper.

They are selling a dev kit this summer, called the Hacker Dev Kit. However, it’s not just the software that can be hacked. The hardware can be as well. The company is counting on consumers on improving the device, adding better screens, better gesture recognition and other odds and ends. Pretty cool, right? No price on either the dev kit model or the consumer model has been announced.