CES 2015 – Razer Announces Budget-Friendly Fitness Band


Fitness is a rather complex, and personal, concept. Also, in case you didn’t notice, it’s really, really hard. You have to get off of the couch, stop watching Netflix and, ugh, eating an entire pizza in one sitting is an absolute no-no. Wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers of all shapes and sizes, has made this task easier, offering us an eagle-eyed view as to just how unhealthy we are. What if we really wanted to break that down even further? Razer was thinking just that when they announced a new fitness band that is about as simple as throwing a Mama Celeste’s pizza into the microwave (I’m hungry.)

Razer took the stage at CES 2015 to announce their functional, yet simple, Nabu X fitness band. If the word Nabu seems familiar, its because they released a fitness band called the Nabu last year. The Nabu X, however, eschews the LED screen in favor of a series of slashing lights and various other indicators, streamlining the entire process. Also, since screens tend to be expensive, the price-point on this model is extremely attractive indeed. You’ll be able to pick one up for just fifty bucks! Why, that’s only 2-4 pizzas depending on where you do your pizza shopping.

Some other incidentals? It’ll last for a week on one charge and available in three colors, black, green and white. Also, if you happen to be a “Razer Inside” you can snag one of these bands for just twenty bucks on January 13th. The rest of us will have to wait another month or so, however.