CES 2015 – Polar Announces Snazzy New Activity Tracker


Can you believe it? It’s that time of year again, already. Early January, besides being when people decide that all of those resolutions should finally be abandoned, houses a consumer electronics conference known simply as CES. This is when the companies pull out the big guns, announcing their line of products for the rest of 2015 and beyond. Of course, wearable technology has a big place at the table this year. We’ll be doing our best to cover the best and brightest from the event, starting right about now.

Polar, who you may remember from activity trackers from days past, is back with something they are calling the A300. This snazzy lil tracker was just unveiled at CES and will ship with a bevy of features, including sleep tracking capabilities, the ability to accurately tell you how many calories you burned and inactivity alerts. There’s also a unique feature-set the company is calling Smart Coaching, which allows users access to a whole host of beneficial programs. Of course, it goes without saying, that the unit will track your vitals 24/7, should you decide to keep it on that long (it comes in three different colors, to make things easier.)

The A300 will be available in February at stores and, you know, online retailers. You’ll be able to buy the base unit for around $140 and a unit with an embedded heart rate sensor for around $180. There are also interchangeable bands that increase the amount of colors at your disposal. Not bad Polar, not bad. Here are some more images.