CES 2015 – This Lenovo E Ink Fitness Band is Aesthetically Pleasing (and Cheap)


There was a while there when it really seemed like E ink might take over the world. First, it started showing up in our appropriately named e-readers, stuff like the Kindle and the Nook. Then, you know, it powered the very first smartwatch, the ubiquitous Pebble. However, other than a few odds and ends, the trend seems to have largely stopped, with consumers opting for the pricier and eye fatigue-ier OLED. Some companies are still trying to give e ink the old college try, however. One such company? The massively popular consumer electronics manufacturer, Lenovo. How do you Lenovo? Wait, wrong company.

The aforementioned Lenovo just took the opportunity to use this year’s CES to show off a brand new wearable activity tracker, a new entrant into their Vibe Band line.  The first thing you’ll notice upon gazing upon the VB10 is the lovely screen, which is powered exclusively using E ink. You might then notice the lovely series of bands, which can be paired up with various screen designs to create the wearable of your choice. Shades of Apple Watch. Of course, functionality wise, it is no slouch. It, well, tracks your activity for one. The VB10 is also light, clocking in at just 30 grams. Due it being powered by E ink, it can also maintain a single charge for an entire week. Nice!

This waterproof wearable will launch in April for just $89. That’s the good news. The bad news? It isn’t scheduled, as of now, to launch in the United States or Europe. You’ll have to import this bad boy. We’ll let you know when that changes.