CES 2015 – Belty is a Smart Belt That Maybe Helps You Lose Weight


beltyIt’s a sad, sad state of affairs right now. How many smartwatches are there, either already on store shelves or on the horizon? Hundreds? That’s a whole lot. How many pieces of eyewear that promise to transport us to virtual realms? Dozens? How many, uh, belts that keep track of our weight loss? Just around zero. The world of smart belts is an extremely niche one, indeed. It seems no company in this world of ours cares about the humble, potentially helpful smart belt, that is, until now. CES 2015 showed the belt block that there was room for a, um, new kid on it.

The South Park-seeming Belty is not a cousin of Towely, rather it is a smart belt that comes with a whole host of functionality. It’s being brought to us by a French company called Emiota and, well, here is what it can do. Belty features a series of motors that adjust according to the wearer’s waistline and tracks vitals accordingly. So, in layman’s terms, it tells you if your waist is shrinking or growing, which could be a boon to those seeking to lose weight (pretty much everyone.) It also does some garden variety fitness tracking, as would be found in an armband device. Of course, on that note, all of the information Belty collects is sent to a smartphone for your instant perusal.

The price and availability have yet to be announced and the Belty that was shown off at CES was merely a prototype, so the looks and functionality are likely to change. We’ll let you know more information when we find out some. In the meantime, eat all the pizza you can get your hands on and promise to start dieting as soon as this thing comes out.