Central Standard Time readies the world’s thinnest watch


Watches are cool! They tell time, and readers of this website know, occasionally do a whole heck of a lot more. The humble wristwatch is just about as old as time itself, by this point. Still, more or less, they have remained stuck at the same weight. Sure, it’s not enough to break the camel’s back, but we at Crunchwear wouldn’t mind for timepieces to get a bit lighter. The average wrist of 2013 is much less sturdy than the average wrist of 50 years ago. We can only blame the Internet for that one.

Central Standard Time, a Chicago-based watch company, and E Ink have partnered up to make the world’s thinnest watch. This thing is thin, like juice fast for three months thin. It’s thinner than a credit card, all told. The 0.8mm design is the go-to feature here. The CST-01 E Ink watch doesn’t offer much by way of smartwatch bells and whistles, but it does use E Ink so the display is easy on the eyes. The form factor is neat too, resembling a bangle or an armlet more than a watch.

The watch has just finished the prototype phase and is just about ready for production. The dual companies have formed a Kickstarter to make sure they get all the money they need to bring this thin watch to the people. If you act now, you can get one for around $130 by visiting their funding page. If you can’t afford it, well, you’ll just have to do some wrist exercises or something. You can do them as you watch the related video below.