Cast AR Augmented Reality Glasses Turns Anywhere into a Video Game


We here at Crunchwear have written a whole lot of copy about the inscrutable Google Glass virtual reality eyewear device. It’s easy to see why. They effectively turn your entire field of vision, no matter where you are, into a VR-enabled version of your smartphone. It’s hard not to get excited about that sort of tech. Sure, you can use them to check email and send text messages but what about playing video games? To date there are no games to be played on Glass. Until that changes, you are going to have to get your tech-heavy game-playing glasses fix somewhere else. Introducing the Cast AR.

Created by two designers named Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, under a company called Technical Illusions, the Cast AR augmented reality glasses turn your entire world into a video game. They work using, well, the magic of augmented reality. The glasses are fitted with miniature projectors that beam gaming images onto nearly any surface. That’s right. Whenever you are near a flat surface, you could be gaming. Life is beautiful. Even cooler? The images beamed by the glasses are in 3D for that extra oomph. Here’s to never getting any work done ever again, like ever.

The device isn’t close to market-friendly. The duo has just a working, albeit crude, prototype which they have recently showed off at the yearly Maker Faire exhibit. They are planning a more streamlined, consumer-friendly model sometime in the fall. To fund this, they will turn to Kickstarter. We’ll let you know when its live and you can kick in a few bucks for eternal gaming glory. In the meantime, check out a video of the Cast AR in wondrous action.