Casio Reveals Two Near G-Shock Concept Watches


Once upon a time there was a little company called Casio. They were known for making decent budget-prized keyboards and synthesizers for bedroom maestros to make music with. However, they were also known for making watches. They were pumping out watches with a myriad of other features before the term smartwatch was on the tip of anyone’s tongue. Calculators? They had that. Crappy little LCD games? They had that too. This is in the 1980s, mind you. That was the height of tech at that point. In any event, Casio is still cranking out both the keyboards and the watches, with their G-Shock series of smart(ish)watches receiving tons of acclaim and good sales. Now they are trying to up both considerably.

Introducing two new concept designs that work as offshoots to the popular G-Shock watch line. These two knockouts add many more “smarts” to these watches. The GPW-1000 features access to satellite time which means, as you guessed, perfect time all of the time. It also automatically adjusts the time depending on where you are. On that note, it also comes packed with GPS for all manner of interesting feature. The Edifice EQB-500 does all of your average connecting to smartphone type stuff via Bluetooth 4.0. Both models use new technology to keep battery life up, which is much needed for watches since who wants yet another thing to plug in every night.

Both of these watches are just prototype design so they won’t be appearing at watch stores(those still exist?) anytime soon. However, it won’t be long before these will be priced and dated, at which time we’ll trickle the information to you like the good little wearable technology blog we are!