Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watches


Casio G-Shock2

While a number of technology companies are making their own leap towards smartwatches, our pal Casio is making it’s own transition towards a smarter watch. The most recent product release from Casio is its new G-Shock GB-5600 and GB-6900 watches, which has its own connectivity features when it comes to smartphone connections. The new watch was recently showed off at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and it proves that old timers like Casio aren’t staying completely still during the smartwatch revolution.

While the watch might look like just another product in the G-Shock line by Casio, it’s in fact quite the opposite. The watch features the use of Bluetooth 4.0, allowing for smartphone connectivity. Essentially, on this watch you can receive notifications calls and text messages and emails. Not only that, but you can also control the music playing on your phone. Notifications can be relayed to the wearer through both vibration and sound to ensure you never miss a notification on your phone.

The new G-Shock watches also feature the ability to set alarms and timers through using the Casio app on your smartphone.

The G-Shock GB-5600 watch comes in a few different models for different smartphone operating systems. The GB-5600A is for iPhones, and the GB-6900B and GB-x6900B are both for Android based handsets. The battery life on the watches is out of this world, lasting up to 2 years on a single CR-2032 battery. The watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters underwater, so these watches should be able to handle things like showering and swimming without problems.

The watches are set to be released in Japan in September this year and will cost roughly between $185 and $210 depending on the model that you’re going for.

It’s nice to see older watch companies stepping up to the plate when it comes to newer watch technology even though companies like Pebble are still very young in the game. We can only imagine what the standard Casio will look like 10 years from now! Should we expect a full on Casion smartwatch? Maybe one day!

Casio G-Shock