Cardiio iPhone app reads the health of your heart just by staring into it


cardiio iphone 1
Stare into my eyes. You are getting really sleepy. When I count to ten and snap my fingers you will only read Crunchwear for all of your wearable technology needs. The very thought of other technology-based websites will give you an intense disgust. Ok. One. Two. Three.

Did that work? Probably not. That’s because staring into things usually just supplies you with an eye tic, rather than a full-fledged hypnotic experience. What if staring into things could help you with other stuff though? That’s the idea behind this innovative, and rather magical, new app for the iPhone.

Cardiio, developed by a crackerjack team of MIT researchers, loads to your iPhone and helps ascertain and track your heart health. This happens just by staring into it. Really. When you stare into it the app detects your current heart rate by measuring the blood pumping into your face. Just make sure you are standing or sitting with good light and the app takes care of the rest. Cool right? The app also charts your life expectancy based on your heart rate, tracks your heart rate over time, and, oddly, compares your heart rate to other living things like cougars and chickens. Animals!

This magical, mystical tech is available right now. Cardiio can currently be downloaded to your iPhone. It’ll cost you $4.99 to take part in the most healthy staring contest of all time. Even if you lose, you win. Also good for your heart? Whole grains, exercise and not sitting on your butt all day reading blogs. Wait, that last one is cool.