Carbon Smartwatch Can Actually Charge Your Smartphone


As Puff Daddy and Biggie Smalls once sang, mo gadgets mo problems. The average person usually has at least two gadgets on their person at all times. It used to be just the phone, now it’s the phone, dedicated handheld gaming device, tablet, smartwatch and even weird VR glasses that let us exit out of the real world permanently. So, yeah, while these gadgets obviously have their uses and they make the world cooler, they do offer one significant problem. They all have to remain charged. That’s a whole lot of energy that needs to be produced just so we can check our tweets on five different devices throughout the day. Well, here is a smartwatch that doesn’t solve this problem, but it sure makes it a bit easier to deal with.

Introducing the Carbon smartwatch. What new idea does it bring to the table? Well, it can actually charge your smartphone on the fly, leaving on less gadget to worry about as you check those tweets. How does it do this? Via the magic of solar power, of course. It uses a fairly large solar cell to both charge itself and whatever smartphone you happen to be using. In addition to this, it’s also water resistant and dust resistant. It works with both Android and iOS phones so you can be sure you’ll be readin’ those tweets no matter your OS flavor.

The Carbon isn’t out yet. As a matter of fact it hasn’t even been fully funded. As such, the makers have taken to Kickstarter to achieve said funding, which they have already done in just a day or so. Hey, a good idea is a good idea. You can preorder your own for around $95.