Capture Audio With Kapture Wristband


Have you ever been in a situation where someone was about to say something hilarious, or amazing, and you just couldn’t get to your phone’s audio recording app in time? Or did you accidentally tape over your “summer jams 94” mixtape? The rapidly advancing arena of awesome things we put on our wrists that do cool stuff is here with an answer to that dilemma. Now there is a wristband you can wear that automatically captures audio so you’ll never miss something funny or illuminating ever again. It’s like magic, only well, not at all really.

Introducing the Kapture, a wristband that lets you, uh, capture audio on the fly. All you do is tap the band quickly with your other hand, and then it saves the past minute of recording. Here is what makes it so cool. It is always recording. Always. All you do by tapping it is let it know that the last minute of footage should be saved and not jettisoned. This way you’ll never miss anything worth saving. Aint technology grand? Sharing is also a breeze as it connects to the cloud and to your other devices via Bluetooth. There’s an app you can throw on your smartphone as well.

The Kapture comes in a variety of colors so your wrist can be lushly adorned and functional. Now here’s the rub. They aren’t out yet and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to achieve funding so they can get these out to store shelves. You can be the first kid on your block secretly recording the other kids on your block by kicking in $99.