Canon Mixed Reality System is the augmented reality visor and wand combo of your holodeck dreams


Of all the technologies Star Trek has presented to us, is there any one more lust-worthy than the Holodeck? It is virtual reality perfected. You can see anything, be anyone and be home in time for dinner. We are making some strides in this department but we still have so much further to go. Too far if you ask us. We want to hang out with Sherlock Holmes already!

Canon, who you may remember as the ever-stalwart camera manufacturer, is trying to make our Holodeck dreams a reality. One small step for a camera company, one huge leap for mankind they like to say. They have announced something called the Mixed Reality System which finally brings augmented reality into the 24th century. The system employs the use of a head mounted display and a wand-like device that allows the wearer to control and interact with a three-dimensional object situated in augmented reality. Sure this is a lot of stuff to worry about but the end result is worth it. Canon has suggested the system could be used to make designing stuff easier but we like to think it’ll eventually be used to let us ask Albert Einstein what kind of pizza he likes.

The system is available and is for sale but no price has been announced. Our guess is its to be quite expensive as Canon suggests it should be used primarily by design and engineering companies. Below is a video of the tech in action with, sadly, not a Moriarty or western lawman in site.