Byte Works’ TechBASIC 2.3 lets your Bluetooth connect to a smartphone without a PC


Connecting your Bluetooth device to your smartphone can sometimes be a laborious task. You gotta plug the thing in, wait for your PC to connect to it, wait for your smartphone to connect to that PC, twiddle your thumbs a lot, look at some menu screens. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Ugh, Calgon take us away! If only the magical hand of technology would simplify this process, thus making it easier for us, the unwashed masses, to the connecting-type things we need to do.

That time may nearly be upon us, thanks to Byte Works and their upcoming TechBASIC update. This could be an essential tool for Bluetooth sensors that don’t already have iOS support, be it with affiliated app or another such way. TechBASIC 2.3 tears those barriers down, allowing owners of new iOS devices create rograms that talk to, and read from, a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices. There will be no more need to write line after line of Objective C code on a Mac. This will be perfect for wearable technology applications, from heart rate monitors to Wi-fi sensors to anything in between.

Existing TechBASIC owners can add this  support through a free update. If you are new to the party, it’ll cost you just $15 to buy the app. Hey the price is right and it’s useful? Sign us up. Let’s race to see who can make the coolest new iOS-enabled invention. Check the video for more information.