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    Take the other side of the room, said spot area, and carefully watched. After a few seconds, look at the transfer bridge. Repeat this a few times.

    If your dandruff or seborrhea, reduce better procedures of the General Directorate of the sauna, except for a visit to the steam room. Condition of hot air aggravates local irritation of the scalp. In this case, the use of a special treatment and fitoshampuni

    Requires 1 tablespoon sea salt, 20 g yeast, 20ml lemon juice tadalafil super active 20mg

    * Examples of the most important works of Russian writers of the last time that this trend can be seen, the book is called Ilya Wexler MD “Medical Studies” (editorial “Kiev”, New York, 1996) and a collection of articles by Dr

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    . Boris Nisenzona (San Francisco, 1997), “if not to hurt the body and the soul.”

    What is the reason for this, at first sight,? strange attitude to medicine and employees can be assumed that the other was so strong and widespread centuries this phenomenon, and today is random, reflection zhaet purely subjective views of individuals, among them – we emphasize once again – that the disintegration of the profession has much to do for their development and improvement Redeemer A more plausible it seems that this phenomenon has a specific purpose, and when the existing reasons this problem .. is so bad (and, in our opinion, interesting and important) that research and special-ed qualifications needed, apparently. Your task in this regard, see very limited just to his dyascheysya an attempt to draw attention to the problem, because I think the answer to problems in connection with this case to get rid of certain shortcomings and thus help – to improve the health of the science and practice of public health. Of course, the author of this book is the absolute truth of their opinions and conclusions, as well as the ability to create solutions to all problems of medicine as. But if this book will only help to draw attention to the problems that lead to the fact that other doctors will think of them, can eventually lead to positive results. But it’s not, in our opinion, the chance and the fact that to tell the non-medical for every person the right of presenting a series of questions that is can be useful in certain circumstances.

    How do you think would happen to the snake swallowed not live without the skin, cut through the “ease” the rabbit into pieces. The digestion process would be difficult. It turned out that as a result of the experiments, university Ugolev AM, nicknamed “little artificial boa” in nature is a call autolysis (self-digestion) widespread phenomenon. The important thing is that the process of digestion of food by 50% is determined by the enzymes in the gastric juice is not “consumer” tissues and “victims”, a plant or an animal. Only gastric juice “comprises” self-digestion mechanism. In tissue “victims” in each cell, there are plenty of cleavage. It does not matter if an explosion in the tissue through the thickness, which is optimized in the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and faster.

    The victim must be put back on the floor, one arm under his neck to the other, leaving the front, the back of the head of the patient.

    Effective legal envelope is wet and hot, cools lose money is characterized by an increase in the evaporation and the body.

    The recipe 15

    healthy society micropattern

    According to the sages of the East, with the palm of the hand contains the secrets of life. There was also the ancient Chinese philosophical school, who argued that holding the palm print of yin and yang energies are a source of health information, and the fate of its owner can be. Therefore massage gua eight print as curves in the lines palm patient could be cured as “mysterious”. Each individual guide also associated with some authority; Qian said, symbolizes the sky, head, gold, dragon; Dui – mouth and fun; can – the body and the earth; Make paired eyes and the sun; Xun – feet and the height of the forehead; Gen – hands and feet; Kan is associated with pain and ears.

    Preparation. Dilute honey water, add alcohol and mix well.

    Preparation. Mix of essential oils.

    The recipe 15

    Preparation. Wheat grain ground to a powder, add vegetable oil, tea leaves, almonds and sound mix.

    1 tablespoon dried dill Requires 1 teaspoon sea salt 20 ml olive oil, 40 ml of linseed decoction, 200 g of algae.

    9) the treatment of boils,

    And it is not the unwillingness of the people, their aggression allegedly “innate” and depravity. We had the opportunity to ensure that not only the genes and the natural way of life of modern man is to blame. But the most surprising thing is that most people do not even know that in the confidence that it is impossible to live differently, and most importantly, no need. Advice is very tenacious, do .. It is based on misconceptions about what is good and what is bad for the person helpful and the other are completely unacceptable.

    This content cup Then you drank. No nutrients in the intestine, it is obviously not terrible, but warm.

    in the upright position has its own advantages that make the preference for many. If, for example, somewhere in nature, which is a chair or breathing exercises or is a solid wood base.

    Tea nails with vitamin A

    immunity, and as a preventive agent during epidemics of influenza is useful to 2 times per day for 1 hour before meals 2 grams of anise fruit, mixed with warm milk.

    The reason for writing this book was the desire to familiarize the reader with the theory of traditional Chinese art of healing, and the basis of this healing method. At the same time, we have tried to give an idea of ??the current state of research and treat a number of outstanding issues. The existence of differing views on the benefits of various therapeutic modalities also suggests that the study focuses on the obvious problems.

    Preparation. Vegetable combining materials, mix, pour boiling water, cool and drain.

    Magic Pills (@mymagicpills) • Instagram photos and videos In order to nourish and moisturize the skin of the hands using different masks. The structure, in addition to the necessary components (lanolin, oils, glycerol, and vitamins), such as plant extracts, bees (honey wax) promote the formation of new skin cells.

    He also sent his patient to his father, who was staring at the moment. But as soon as the patient feels healthy again, he returned to Kamchatka. Although I strongly encouraged to do so, knowing that the old drinking buddies not leave him alone, he made his own way. Then I washed my hands, have a handle on life, as a child in shorts, an uncle, an adult who was his former job to teach responsibility, at least superfluous. Yes, and I do not think I have neither the desire nor the time.

    Application. Bring an easy way to keep the body skin with a cotton swab moistened with water in order to keep the skin in a circular motion to keep cleaning for 5 minutes, rinsing the skin with warm water.

    Major changes in this meridian may jaundice, vegetative symptoms include fatigue, liver inflammation and intestinal disorders cause side effects such as fatigue, dermatitis, headaches and joint pain.

    The whole body of the anatomy of the animals adapted to the consumption of the plant when unpresentable.

    Requires 1 bag of henna, 1 egg. Preparation. Henna mix well with the egg.

    4. Ingamdshanov or a practical guide for acupuncture. Tashkent Medgiz 1960.

    200 g chopped strawberries, mix with 3 tablespoons honey. Take 4 tablespoons 3-4 times daily after meals and stimulating the immune system.

    Need cranberries 1 kg, 20 g yeast, 400 g sugar, 4 liters of water.

    You’ll need 2 tablespoons of burdock root, nettle leaves 4 tablespoons, 2 liters of water.

    The recipe 9

    The more unacceptable, this formula is that it masks the veil of soothing words of a very abnormal state of the actual disease, which plunges us into the modern civilization.


    In particular, the assumption that all material both living and non-living is not only energy but also information. You can disagree with it, we can not accept, but the nature of the observer in his integrity and natural healing system based on this principle constantly in the unity of matter feels the presence of a third element and energy. It is therefore more appropriate, perhaps, to talk about the issue of the Trinity “- energy -. The information” Therefore, if he goes to the biological energy, the last period of not forgetting Trinitarian formula

    is required :. 60 grams of melon flesh, 2 tablespoons herb St. John, 40 ml milk

    These meridians are the knee or elbow additional summoned to the edge of the hull and were closing in a different meridian at any time.

    You need to know that the biologically active substances for the therapeutic effect of the body, which can be used in different parts of plants for the treatment of many diseases such as individual components or preparations only the roots and grass polisostavnye. fruits, stems, leaves, bark, flowers and buds of plants. Therefore, it is used for various diseases different parts of the same plant. Every person collecting herbs in your account, you should consider the time of collection, and the maximum accumulation are necessary for the treatment of materials represents a particular time of the year. For example, seeds or fruit crops during the period of full maturity, but before they begin to disappear or crumble. Flowers, leaves and grass harvested in the flowering period (sometimes for the first time), but before fruiting.

    The meridians that pass through the inside of the arms and legs, called yin meridians and located abroad – yang meridians. Therefore, within each arm and leg three six yin meridians and organs outside the arms and legs, three body six Jahn corresponding meridian. Probably easier for these three groups of meridians, which are divided into yin and yang meridians of high energy, medium and low memory. So far we can not say whether this unit the true state of affairs.

    Application. Low fingers in the resulting solution for 20 minutes, then dry with a towel and apply a nourishing cream specially nails.

    And here is an excerpt from the minutes of the results of another experiment – A Akademgorodok four points – Barnaul, in the presence of the 13 members of the runners Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Club. The day she walked 50 kilometers, passing 4-5 minutes per kilometer.

    healing ointments. All other ointments be used within 5 minutes after the exit from the steam bath. Warm skin pores opened absorb nutrients assets in the deposited composition and promotes penetration into the subcutaneous layer and blood. Load these ointments, stimulates the body and soothes the skin. Typically, compounds of this nature of the organic compounds, natural products, and plants.

    The face mask with wild rose

    @johnmayer on Instagram: “pills to get tired” The treatment process cauterization is also known by its former name of moxibustion. This word comes from the name of the Japanese factory Mogusa (Latinized form – .. moxa (moxibustion), similar to mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), Artemisia species and Latin uro (burn or record)

    The above Preparation components are connected and blend until smooth.

    The preparation of the milkweed herb pour water, cooling to 40 ° C and filter amount ..

    Kvas age

    The quality and DOWN in different parts of the same plant are not the same. This is because of the special properties of the chemical composition of each, growth conditions, harvest. Of drying great importance and storage of suitable vegetable raw materials. Moreover, the same type of different configurations depending on the composition of the soil and climatic conditions BAS

    Jod Gozum on Instagram: “Anger management pills.” 3. To the kettle with tea leaves to fill in. You need to pour boiling water and dry on the fire.


    drink milk carrots

    Clean washed grill and cook in 1 liter of water. Celery cooked a little artichoke, you must first boiling water celery, parsley, 3 minutes, then the artichoke

    The main part. After cooking, relaxation, put his hands on his knees for a moment and start at the beginning of the year. To do this, stretch the body, balancing on your tailbone. Move the body to the left and right bulge and pull and stomach (10 minutes each morning and evening). During the exercise, saying that every day feels better. This self hypnosis has a very beneficial effect on the body and mind. This exercise is the coordinated functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, regulates the activity of the intestines, promotes the beneficial effects of mental energy for the body.

    The apple honey mask

    Figure boil in 1 liter of water to completely cooked, throw in a colander. Return the mushrooms in 2 cups water, chop the onion and put some mushroom broth. Mushrooms mince, mix with rice, stir the nuts in a preheated pan and crushed with a rolling pin on the board itself. Sprinkle the rice with black pepper, sprinkle with a little vegetable oil, mixed with mushroom broth, fresh. Cut the stem of the “top” of the tomatoes, remove the flesh with a spoon, pour the juice and tomatoes stuffed with rice and mushrooms. Paste dug up meat with lettuce and tomatoes stuffed implement limits. In a shallow dish, beat expand like a towel, put stuffed tomatoes.

    Each of these groups has a specific function of the meridians, as they have an impact on the organs, muscles or internal skin. The determination of the ratio between the surface of the skin and internal organs -. A unique discovery of ancient Chinese medicine

    You can also use other aromatic oils, because they all have antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

    Although our ignorance applies only to the extent of the power of man, and that was enough for her health was very fragile, easily vulnerable. The problem is that there is little knowledge we have with respect to other aspects of life in the body. Answer the question whether there is in the world a machine or system, enabling them to operate in stable condition? For example, the internal combustion engine is not equipped with a cooling system? Every motorist will tell you that this is impossible, the engine immediately “choke”. A human body – even the car. Most perfect biological machine with automatic control system, unless it is objectively external environment laws. Operation, and also the temperature difference that exists in the body. At normal temperature, healthy human skin 24 ° C, in the body – 36.7 ° C. The activation of the temperature difference leads to illness when the body has not been extinguished. Hardening is designed to be the body’s ability to improve the drastic changes in the natural temperature difference.