Burton Lil Buddy Cooler Bag


Burton adds fun to your next beach trip or outdoor party with the Lil Buddy Cooler bag that fits perfectly a 12er pack of your favorite beverage. The zipper pull is designed in the form of a bottle opener – how considered and insightful.

But there is more to the Lil Buddy bag, it has a build-in iPod speaker system as well.

Burton Lil Buddy Cooler Bag

For the bold among our readers, the Mojave plaid version (on the bottom right) is the one to take. For more discrete types there is also the less loud True Black (center) and Dragon Jacquard (left) versions to choose from. The Lil Buddy bag is available here for $ 54.95

Let’s get the party started with a cool drink and cool tunes, all coming from your Lil Buddy bag.