Bulletproof School Uniforms Available for Overly Concerned Parents


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Recent shootings have put people on high alert, especially parents who would do anything to keep their children safe. A Columbian company in Bogota is banking their fear and concern to push its bulletproof clothing line.

It’s made of the same material used to manufacture bulletproof vests (so likely padding and Kevlar are a few of the main ingredients), these uniforms may help ease the minds of paranoid parents out there. This line of clothing isn’t a body suit, so it won’t protect every inch of said child from injury—mostly the vital bits, like the heart and torso region. The clothing line consists of backpacks, vests, and t-shirts able to withstand gunfire and stabbings.

The mastermind behind these bulletproof school uniforms is Miguel Caballero. In the video, he imagines his wares being used as follows: “These would basically be in school and the students could get them. This way a teacher could tell them to put it on at the start of an indecent. Much like when you are on a boat they tell you to put on a life vest.” However, the fear of a vessel sinking versus the fear of a person prowling the halls looking for blood is a bit different. While the comparison isn’t a perfect one, it’s entirely possible that clothes like these could make an appearance in schools—heck, there are metal detectors in some buildings already.

The video below shows Caballero shooting a gun at someone wearing his product at point-blank range. The guy getting shot at doesn’t even stumble back or flinch, which may mean that bullet might have been a blank. Without proof of the material’s capabilities to protect, it’s uncertain how much business Caballero will get out of this video pitch, but he probably has piqued some interest. Whether he’s profiting off of vulnerable parents or for the good of saving US lives, we’ll never know.

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Source: Ubergizmo