Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’: Toast and Make a Facebook Friend


Drinking, an already social affair, is about to get even more friendly. Budweiser is releasing a series of cups that automatically links you with your drinking buddies the minute that you raise your cups for a toast and they clink.

It’s called the “Buddy Cup,” and through a chip embedded on its underside, you can grant the cup access to your Facebook account. Just use your smartphone to scan the printed code (much like a QR code) on its underbelly, hit accept on a “terms and conditions” checkbox and you’re ready to get toasting. When two Buddy Cups meet, you automatically become Facebook friends. However, mixing social networks and drinking have rarely yielded positive results, especially when trying to obtain a job. However, it’s an easy way to connect back with a few strangers you may have met the other night, and prevents any misdials when you’re drunkenly trying to hunt and peck someone’s number into your smartphone.

On the flip-side, men and women who would rather avoid giving their information to someone they find unappealing may find themselves in a socially awkward situation when they decline a toast. That’s right, the good old fake phone number to that pizza joint you’ve been using to re-direct unwanted suitors isn’t available to you anymore. But with any piece of technology there’s always a double-edge sword. Craigslist may have a few less “missed connections” posts and certain social drinkers may have a few more Facebook stalkers.

For now, though, the Buddy Cup is limited to the bars of Brazil.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FdnssHlcRk&hl=en_US&version=3]

Source: CNET