Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress


Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress
How will fashion look in 2020? That’s very difficult to say, considering that making predictions for the next season is already a challenge. The Design group at Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands gives it a shot and takes a look into the far future of fashion in their SKIN project, an exploration research into the area known as ‘emotional sensing’.

Bubelle is one of the prototypes Philips Design introduced to the world in September 2006 and got the top spot in this years Inventions Of The Year list from Time magazine in the category Fashion.

Philips Design believes our future garments will or should be more ‘Sensitive’ rather than ‘intelligent’.

The Bubelle Dress is made up of two layers, the inner layer contains biometric sensors that pick up a person’s emotions and projects them in colors onto the second layer, the outer textile.

As futuristic as the Bubelle Dress might seem, as logical it actually might be. We select clothing not only for protection and functional purpose but very often following our emotion and personal individuality.

It’s because we want to show our emotions, our personality and Lucy McRae, Body Architect at Philips Design, who lead this project, elevated our emotional dress code to a higher, more reactive level with the Bubelle Dress.According Lucy McRae, “A garment can be a highly complex interactive electronic or biochemical device that is more responsive to subtle triggers like sensuality, affection and sensation.”

Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress

The Bubelle Dress changes the look instantaneously according to our emotional state and our personality. No need to rush for a dressing room before going from one event to the next, no need to settle for something generic because you can’t change between parties.

Philips Design has given us a glimpse into the far future but this future looks very bright and emotional from the fashion perspective.