BSX Insight Fitness Tracker is a Combination of Many Techs


Fitness. Health. Feeling great. Those things don’t just pop out of thin air. They take hard work and this weird thing called perseverance. After all, the phrase “no pain, no gain” is not referring to the pain of putting pizza in your mouth to gain 1,000 calories or so. The only thing being, hard work is just so, well, hard! Luckily wearable technology has gone all in on making physical activity easier than ever before, well not easier per say. It’s still annoying and hard, but wearable tech helps us at least get the most out of it and know exactly what we are doing and for how long and for what reason. Now there is a new fitness tracker on the block and it may just be the most feature packed one of them all.

Here is the BSX Insight fitness tracker, which claims to give you, ahem, new insight into your workout regiment. It interacts with a smartwatch, phone or other wearable device you may already be using to keep an eye on your fitness level and adds a whole host of new bells and whistles to the proceedings. It tracks heart rate, cadence, pace, calories burned and something called lactate threshold, which is not how much milk you can put down in one sitting. Essentially this is a measurement of your muscle workload and how it compares to your maximum output. In other words, it sees how hard you are pushing yourself.

Of course, something this milky couldn’t possibly be out yet. The creators have taken to Kickstarter, where they have raised more than enough funds to ensure a commercial release. Still, you can preorder one for around $239.