Bringrr Helps You Find the Things You Need Most



The problem with modern life? We keep on accumulating stuff. Sure, there are gadgets that purport to be our all-in-one solution(iPhones etc.) That may be true for some things, but we still end up buying iPads, Google Glass devices, smartwatches, video game consoles, smart blenders(a real thing) and so much more. All of these gizmos are necessary to our lives in one way or another and each of them would leave a sad, empty mark were they to go missing. That’s why there is a smartphone-sized hole in the market that can only be filled by devices that help us find other devices. Look out world, and car keys, here comes another one.

It’s called Bringrr and, yeah, it’ll help you find stuff if you misplace them, lose them or drunkenly bet them to a friend during a blacked out game of poker. The cool thing about Bringrr though is it comes with an app that keeps track of all of your tagged items automatically. You don’t have to wait until you lose one to see where it is. You can simply bring up a list of where everything is just so you can breathe a gentle sigh of relief, basking in the knowledge that you are the proud owner of a bunch of gizzamagoos. You can even tag animals(or people,we guess) and there is even a Google Glass app if you would rather keep an eye on your devices via a hologram floating in the sky than a smartphone screen.

All of this goodness does come with one drawback, however. Bringrr isn’t out yet. They haven’t even received final funding. The makers have jumped on Kickstarter to try to achieve said funding. You can preorder your very own pack of Bringrr devices with prices starting at around $29. Cool? Cool.