Bright Eyes DIY Glasses Kit Lets You Make the Wearable Tech


Wearable technology very often takes the form of eyewear. After all, the smaller and smaller microchips and computer processors become the easier it is to wedge some of them into a humble pair of glasses. With that said, and in addition to Google’s infamous project, there are plenty of tech-heavy glasses coming down the pike. The only problem with all of them? They don’t teach you how to program and make some wearable technology yourself! We have to prepare for our eventual dystopian and cyberpunk future, after all. It’s about time we all got out there and learned a thing or two about hacking ourselves.

The Bright Eyes kit is an astounding DIY glasses kit that is heavy on the wearable tech. Each pair is strapped with 174 LEDs that you can (slowly) learn to program any way you want. Want them to blink in a particular order? You can do that. Want them to spell out “sup?” You just might be able to do that(it depends on letter spacing.) In addition, the LEDs can play graphics and video off of a microSD card. So essentially the sky is the limit here. Anything you want these glasses to do they’ll do, and then some. The future certainly is so bright that we gotta wear shades. A wise man once said that.

The glasses kit is available right now, for you DIY enthusiasts out there. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and program them so Beavis appears in one eye and Butthead in the other. You’ll be a Youtube sensation! Speaking of Youtube, here is a video of the kit in action.