BrainTap Glove uses gaming to help with muscle memory, symptoms of arthritis


Mark this on your calendars, folks. June 4th, 2012. Day of the glove. We have more glove news coming down the pike than you can shake a stick at. Coincidentally, you can be wearing any of these featured gloves as you shake said stick. Somebody call Michael Jackson, O.J. or anyone else who was famous for wearing an artificial layer of hand-skin. So what’s next on the docket? A really innovative piece of tech that, wouldn’t ya know, actually has the possibility to do a lot of good for people.

Developed by a group of students at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, the BrainTap glove is designed from the ground up to help the aged among us maintain and potentially improve their memory and hand-to-eye motor functions. How in the heck does a glove do that? It’s simple, grasshopper. The BrainTap works its magic using a combination of LEDs and haptic feedback.  The glove goes hand-in-hand(get it?) with an accompanying retro-themed box that tests the wearer’s memory through light sequences. A variety of games work to test the user’s muscle memory, which is a great boon for those suffering from Rhuematoid arthritis. Keeping the joints flexible is paramount, after all.

Of course, that retro-style box is more or less there for kitsch. The software could easily be run on a mobile phone, tablet, PC or any other connectable device. Until that day, though, at least it looks pretty cool. God bless the humble 1950s-themed diner.

Below is a video of the BrainTap is action and some photos of how it works. Enjoy and, remember, keep those digits in shape.