Brain Zapping Headset Improves Gaming Abilities


It seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but this headset does exist in the real world. It’s called the and it’s by a company called Focus Labs, who claim that it can actually improve your gaming abilities.


Essentially the way it works is that it sends an electric current through the specific parts of your brain that are used while you’re playing video games. Controversial? Yes, however it is a method that has been used a fair bit in recent years for things like migraines, and even to improve users mathematics skills. The method itself is called transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, or tDCS, and is a method that has not been very extensively tested for video games, although there is no reason to suggest it wouldn’t work, and the tests that have been carried out proved to be effective.

The headset is made up of four electrodes which are connected to a Bluetooth chip, allowing the headset to connect to your iPhone via an app available for download. Using this app, wearers an control the amount and duration of the charge being sent through your brain, although the headset does have a default of 1mA for 5 minutes. The headset is not currently able to be controlled on an Android app, however you can control the headset directly on the headset itself.

In order to produce results, users have to make sure to carefully place the electrodes over the proper spots on the forehead, so that it sends the current through the right places in the brain, which is the prefrontal cortex.

The is one of the few tDCS products available at a consumer level, which means that those of you, if any, won’t have to rely on homebuilt devices anymore. It is available for $249 each and comes in either red or black. In the package there is a headset, carrying case, Micro-USB cable, and eight sponges which can be reused. Not only this, but it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so those of you who are a little bit skeptical about this product, and with good reason, can test it and not have to worry about buying a useless product.

It is indeed a very interesting idea, and one that we might see more of in the near future. Until then you have the, by Focus Labs.