Brain wave meter knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, better buy extra milk and cookies


So you think you can just go around thinking whatever you want and nobody will ever be the wiser? How very quaint and 2012 of you. In the future, thanks to tech, everybody will be a psychic(Except for actual psychics who will be put out of business. Sorry guys.) The last several years have seen some amazing advancements in brain-reading technology, but a recent development in Japan may take the cranial cake.

A research group at Keio University, led by Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura, has developed a brain-wave meter that can do some interesting, and heretofore impossible, things. When you strap on the gizmo, your emotions will basically be an open book. The unit can tell how stressed you are, how sleepy you are and how interested you are in a topic. It works by analyzing a propitiatory algorithm as it relates to an individual’s brain function. It handles all of this in real time. This will be a boon to creepy advertisers of the creepy future. It could have positive implications as well. If it can tell when you are stressed, it can also tell as you are getting de-stressed. Now you can finally see if that yoga you’ve been doing is worth a damn.  Here is a video of the tech in action.

Of course, the research team isn’t stopping there. They have reason to believe they can evolve this tech to create smartphone applications that send texts as you think of them. Uh oh. Drunk texting is about to get a whole lot scarier. I’ll see you in rehab.