Here is a Bracelet Designed to Protect You From Sunburns


The sun. We need it, I guess. It gives the planet life and feeds trees and stuff and allows for us to see things during the day, not to mention we spin around it and therefore our entire ecosystem needs its rays in every conceivable way. Having said that, it can be kind of annoying! It’s not good to stare directly at it and it can give us some nasty sunburns on our poor skin if we aren’t careful. Also, some planets have to deal with two or three of these monstrosities! Those poor residents of Tattooine.

However, for now we are only going to be dealing with those annoying sunburns. If only there was some kind of tech doodad to help us prevent against these reddening nasties. Don’t look now. There is. Introducing the June bracelet by Netatmo. This bracelet is packed to the gills with useful sensors that let you know the current sun conditions, including UV rays and anything else potentially harmful. This information is then cross-referenced with your skin type and some other factors to let you know how much you should be outside on any given day. Providing you follow the bracelet’s advice, your skin will be sitting pretty(and by pretty we mean not red.)


The June bracelet isn’t out yet but, according to the company, it will be released pretty shortly. This will give you plenty of time to get ready for summer, by exercising and buying swimsuits and what not. The bracelet will set you back around $99, which isn’t so bad.